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Production: (ask)

Production (ask)
Production (ask)

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Production: (ask)

Production (ask)

Production (ask)


The report of the production section, Next to the marketing are welcome


• Thank you for your time, I’ll explain a few points, which I think is important for all of you know.
• Marketing strategy that will be performed are:
1. We will make advertising through print and electronic media
2. we’ll open a shop dikawasan area campus, by giving special discounts-discounts to entice buyers.

Production: (ask)

Whether booking veils can be done via the phone and do the delivery directly?

Marketing: (answer)

It could, but only in the area of jabodetabek and seen also from the minimum number of orders (as many as 12 pc).

Secretary :

According to the report of the distribution.
Next we will hear the conclusion of the meeting today of the Chairman
the conclusion.


• Thank you to every part of his report, so the conclusion of the meeting on this day are:
• This product is our company’s strategic plan, therefore to each section ranging from financial and marketing in order to control the working program we already agreed on.
• Report of the brother would be useless if you don’t implement this work program
• We will not succeed without any coordination, communication and teamwork from all parts.

Secretary: (Closing)

The conclusions of the Chairman and need to be reminded again there will be a meeting To evaluate the results of work based on the meeting today will be on hold meetings back on november 11, 2011, which will be held in the Conference room is back, I hope you can come on time.

Thank you for your arrival in the meeting today, to meet at the next meeting.

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